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I am using rich:extendedDataTable to display a table. But i need to disable the column resizing in this table. I have tried using width component in rich:column but i am getting the same thing. Even I have used css class to fix the column size that is also nnot worth. Can any one help me to find a way out............Its urgent !!

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There's no way to disable column resizing within the <rich:extendedDataTable> tag itself. However, with a little CSS to hide the element that enables resizing, you can accomplish what you're trying to do:

<style type="text/css">
    .extdt-hsep {
        display: none;

Note that this will only prevent the user from resizing columns. It will not stop the automatic ratio-based resizing that happens when you resize the grid itself (e.g.: when you resize the window and the grid has 100% width).

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