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I'm thinking of start using Raven DB for a small project as a trial in our organization but I am struggling to understand what their license say.

When installing Raven DB you get the option of production/test or development, production/test needs a license file but development doesn't. So here are why I hesitating:

  • Can I use development license in all the environments if it is only used for internal applications in the organization?
  • Is it ok, license wise, to make the server unavailable for the users so they have to go through an application to access data or is that breaking agpl?
  • Do I have to provide links to the source code in the internal applications if using an agpl license or is it good enough that we, the IT dep, can give them the source in a zip if they ask us?
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Yes, you do need a license for this scenario. You cannot use the development license for internal application and you need to purchase a license

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Thanks for clarifying. Too bad that it doesn't exist a small free license that could be used for trying it out in organizations. I understand that there might be a lot of administration providing a license like that though. Love the products, but I'm not in a position to ask my customer for a new product license at the moment. –  Tomas Jansson Feb 24 '14 at 9:57

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