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I am using a jgGrid that has loadonce: true. So all records are loaded once the grid is created. I also have custom search options, to filter the local data (this question explains how);

But how can I retrieve all the filtered rows?

I found this question 'get-all-rows-not-filtered-from-jqgrid'. But I cannot help but wonder, if there is not some form of an array that the jqGrid has that has the results of all the filtered rows?

I know jqGrid has an array for all rows (as seen here), but logically one would think that there should be an array for all rows after the filtering has taken place.

So does this array exist, Or should I do what was suggested by Oleg in 'get-all-rows-not-filtered-from-jqgrid'?

I am using jqGrid-4.5.4

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So in the end I used Oleg solution in 'get-all-rows-not-filtered-from-jqgrid'. And it worked well.

I also had a quick look at the source code. Could not make heads or tails of it. So was not able to found my array that I was looking for.

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