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I am using the following query to get total score from mysql view table

Select regd, date, subject, (t_scored+w_scored+f_scored+cce_scored) as Total
where regd='3'
group by subject

In the total column I only get NULL where there are field values for each scored field. Please can anyone help me?

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Are those fields numeric? –  Hanky 웃 Panky Feb 20 at 9:16
@ Hanky 웃 Panky, Yes, they are numeric. –  Mawia HL Feb 20 at 9:17
Can we see all the data of that specific row where the id is 3? –  Hanky 웃 Panky Feb 20 at 9:18
In fact, instead of id, regd must be there. –  Mawia HL Feb 20 at 9:19
Please try to be more descriptive when giving feedback, 'does not work' and 'so many rows' do not help much. Anyway I've updated my answer which I think should solve your problem, as essentially you wanted to sum the sum of the sums in the query –  gts Feb 20 at 9:43

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Use an inline query to get separate sums, and the outer query to add up the sums

SELECT regd, date, subject, SUM(t_scored+w_scored+f_scored+cce_scored) AS total
SELECT regd, date, subject, SUM(t_scored) as t_scored, SUM(w_scored) as w_scored, SUM(f_scored) AS f_scored, SUM(cce_scored) AS cce_scored
WHERE regd='3'
) AS temp
GROUP BY subject
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Every derived table must have its own alias. This is the error message –  Mawia HL Feb 20 at 9:48
Updated answer (AS temp) at the end of subquery –  gts Feb 20 at 9:58

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