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I'm working on creating facebook stories for my facebook page app.My requirement is to display activity "I voted for this movie " with images as shown in image enter image description here

I tried posting through Graph api explorer:

 {"title":"cool","fb:explicitly_shared":true,"url":"http://www.facebook.com/name/app_id","description":"cool place",

In my activity log : enter image description here But in friends news feed I'm getting like :

enter image description here

there is nothing like "I voted...." in post.Is anything I'm doing wrong?.

Note: apps is not in sandbox mode. Story is not submitted for approval(Only for testing).


If I remove "user_generated":true ill get single image(even 2 images uploaded) with proper post.

enter image description here

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Have you configured your app actions? developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/creating-custom-stories/… –  Fabio Antunes Feb 20 at 10:45
Ya.It is coming in activity log.I added image in my question –  stefun Feb 20 at 11:06
I think I got the problem. Edited above post.But still waiting for solution –  stefun Feb 21 at 12:17

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