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First of all my application works on local server while it doesn't work when I pushed it to production server!!!

I spent 2 hours and found something with my Entity class has problem but I didn't find what. I also guess maybe my query has problem. So, this is my entity class:

@Entity(name = "UserAppsJPA")
public class UserAppsJPA {

    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
    private Long id;
    private String packageName;
    private String userUUID;
    private String appName;
    private long appCounter;
    private long appUsage;
    private long installDate;
    private long uninstallDate;

    public boolean equals(Object o) {
        if (this == o) return true;
        if (o == null || getClass() != o.getClass()) return false;

        UserAppsJPA that = (UserAppsJPA) o;

        if (!packageName.equals(that.packageName)) return false;
        if (!userUUID.equals(that.userUUID)) return false;

        return true;

    public int hashCode() {
        int result = packageName.hashCode();
        result = 31 * result + userUUID.hashCode();
        return result;

    public String toString() {
        return "UserAppsJPA {" +
                "id=" + id +
                ", packageName='" + packageName + '\'' +
                ", userUUID='" + userUUID + '\'' +
                ", appName='" + appName + '\'' +
                ", appCounter=" + appCounter +
                ", appUsage=" + appUsage +
                ", installDate=" + installDate +
                ", uninstallDate=" + uninstallDate +

    public Long getId() {
        return id;

    public void setId(Long id) { = id;

// other setters and getters methods


Compose of packageName and userUUID is enough for making private key however I found it's difficult to me (as I'm super junior in GAE). That's why I added id field in this class.

I have defined following line as my query string in servlet class:

private static final String QUERY_USER_APPS   = "SELECT m FROM UserAppsJPA m WHERE m.packageName = :keywordPkg AND m.userUUID = :keywordUUID ORDER BY m.appName ASC";

and finally my method:

private void updateUserTable(List<UserAppsJPA> userAppsJPAList) {
        EntityManager em = EMF.get().createEntityManager();

        try {
            for (int i=0; i<userAppsJPAList.size(); i++) {
                System.out.println("=> " + i + " - " + userAppsJPAList.get(i).toString());
                Query q = em.createQuery(QUERY_USER_APPS)
                        .setParameter("keywordPkg", userAppsJPAList.get(i).getPackageName())
                        .setParameter("keywordUUID", userAppsJPAList.get(i).getUserUUID());

                List<UserAppsJPA> list = (List<UserAppsJPA>) q.getResultList(); // <= I guess problem is here
                if(list == null)
                    System.out.println("list is null");
                    System.out.println("3-1, size: " + list.size());
                if(list != null  &&  list.size()>0) {
                    UserAppsJPA record = list.get(0);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.println("Error => " + e.getMessage());
        } finally {

As I mentioned above code is working on local machine while doesn't work on production server. This is log:

2014-02-20 17:12:03.509

[s~twitterjaya-eyeballs/1.373900386032203857].<stdout>: => 0 - UserAppsJPA {id=null, packageName='com.twitterjaya.eyeball', userUUID='00000000-74f7-8968-ffff-fffff607c160', appName='Eyeball', appCounter=17, appUsage=3060000, installDate=1392879894412, uninstallDate=0}

I 2014-02-20 17:12:03.518

[s~twitterjaya-eyeballs/1.373900386032203857].<stdout>: Error => no matching index found.
The suggested index for this query is:
    <datastore-index kind="UserAppsJPA" ancestor="false" source="manual">
        <property name="packageName" direction="asc"/>
        <property name="userUUID" direction="asc"/>
        <property name="appName" direction="asc"/>

I guess my entity shouldn't have problem because it's similar to my other entity which is working. Therefore, I'm suspicious to query string.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You need to add that index and upload it to production, as the error says. – Tim Hoffman Feb 20 '14 at 9:49
Thanks Tim, would you please give me more detail. thanks – Hesam Feb 20 '14 at 9:50
What you need to add is listed in the error. How you add that and deploy will require you reading the docs. I don't do java on appengine. – Tim Hoffman Feb 20 '14 at 9:52
let me search about it... thanks – Hesam Feb 20 '14 at 9:53

If you are using IntelliJ IDEA follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to you PROJECT-DIRECTORY/out/artifacts/
  2. Open datastore-indexes-auto.xml into an editor (drag&drop it into IntelliJ IDEA for example)
  3. Add your indexes
  4. Rebuild your project and push it to server
  5. Go to your control panel and then Datastore Indexes, you see your indexes are under building. Wait 1-2 minutes and refresh the page. When it changed to Serving your API is ready

Mine is here:


    <!-- *** This one generated wrong by GAE that's why you should do it manually ***
    <datastore-index kind="UserAppsJPA" ancestor="false" source="auto">
        <property name="userUUID" direction="asc"/>
        <property name="appCounter" direction="desc"/>
    </datastore-index> -->

    <datastore-index kind="UserAppsJPA" ancestor="false" source="manual">
        <property name="packageName" direction="asc"/>
        <property name="userUUID" direction="asc"/>


Read Index configuration for more information.

Special thanks to @Tim for his suggestion.

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