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I'm working with ptxdist, with barebox as a bootloader.

I'm trying to use 'bareboxenv' script in my arm to save the barebox environment to a file, so I've set the option which allows to compile it for arm in 'barebox.make' and tried to compiled again ptxdist. The problem is that ptxdist asks for a script called 'bareboxenv-target', which should be in scripts directory, but it isn't there. I've used

find . -name bareboxenv-target 

to look for it from my home directory. Not found.

Also I've looked for it online: https://gitorious.org/oselas/ptxdist/source/668c3e0634ab68c7fdccff1fe9ca1bf546a4ce87:scripts but it isn't there either. Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

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