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I've got this interceptor setup to read XML I receive on all my requests: https://gist.github.com/SantechDev/539a70208d23d8918ce0

Now when the server returns a 500 error, it doesn't seem like the response goes through the interceptor. I tried logging response but nothing comes up

Would anyone know why?

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I don't know how yours has to work but the ones I wrote look totally different..

var interceptor = ['$rootScope', '$q', "Base64", function (scope, $q, Base64) {
    function success(response) {
        return response;
    function error(response) {
        var status = response.status;
        if (status == 401) {
           window.location = "/account/login?redirectUrl=" + Base64.encode(document.URL);
        // otherwise
        return $q.reject(response);
    return function (promise) {
        return promise.then(success, error);

you can check out the full code here.

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sorry for late reply. I was actually forgetting to set the transformError. So your response is right –  Got The Fever Media Mar 14 '14 at 16:09

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