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I have a basic Android 2.3 project which I developed with IntelliJ 11 a couple of years back. I've come back to the project and upgraded to IntelliJ 13. For the most part everything seems to be working. However I'm having a problem with debugging. IntelliJ doesn't seem to be breaking on line-breakpoints.

It's happily breaking on exceptions, but just merrily bypassing the line breaks points. The little red dots are showing next to the line breakpoints. The debugger is definitely attached to the process on my Android device. If I go to View Breakpoints the breakpoints have a tick next to them, and a tick next to suspend.

Is there any other settings I should be aware of that could disable line breaking?

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I've reinstalled IntelliJ 12 and this version is breaking on line breaks. Seems odd that this would be a bug. I'm guessing I'm missing something. –  Chris Nevill Feb 20 at 11:36

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