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How can I call an awk script from an awk script and assign the output of the first to a variable in the second?

I have an awk script that reads files each night, checks each line of data and writes to a new file. I need to add in some additional formatting to one of the fields. I already have a standalone awk script that does the formatting so all I need to do is call this awk script for the appropriate fields and assign the value that is normally printed to a variable.

To put it in context, the following prints the required formatting to the screen (because that's what title_case.awk does), but I can’t use the value for further processing.

print old_name | ("/production/bin/title_case.awk")

so I need something like the following:

new_name = 'old_name | ("/production/bin/title_case.awk")



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new_name=$(command) –  devnull Feb 20 at 11:36
Hi devnull. I can't get that to work in awk. For my example, what would I type? new_name=$(print old_name | ("/production/bin/title_case.awk")) ? –  Geraint Feb 20 at 11:49

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You can try using getline into a variable ( http://www.gnu.org/software/gawk/manual/gawk.html#Getline_002fVariable_002fPipe )

("/production/bin/title_case.awk "old_name) | getline new_name
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Thanks for the help Hakon. I couldn’t get it to work exactly as you suggested because the variable old_name is not a file, however I managed to modify it slightly. The following does what it should. "echo "old_name" | /production/bin/title_case.awk" | getline new_name –  Geraint Feb 20 at 12:30

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