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I am building a simple BIRT report using an XML data source. However, I had to use 3 different views (3 cross-tabs) of the same data on the same report. While running the report, I noticed that BIRT was firing multiple calls to fetch the XML file (hosted in a web-server). I have tried fiddling with the settings tab of the edit screen of the data set. But the behavior does not seem to change. I would really appreciate if anybody can help me identify what is going on. Also how do I ensure that a data-set is fetched only once during the rendering of a report

Thanks in advance

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The data set should only be fetched 1 time. Do you have three data sets for the report, each one representing a different sub-set of fields? If so that would explain the three separate fetches.

Can you create a single large data set that satisfies all the cross-tabs and then use run-time filters to produce the individual sub-sets you need? Another option would be to consume your XML via a POJO and leverage it in the BIRT report as a scripted data set. This would certainly give you the control you are looking for.

If you are interested in looking at building a scripted data set, have a lok here for a bit of backaground.

Good Luck!

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Thanks!!.. I finally resorted to using a scripted datasource though it did not look like the situation needed it!... – Kiran Pratap May 11 '10 at 5:18

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