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Can you please explain me what is automation of project? How it is related with testing? Please explain with an example.

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@shailesh-jaiswal: can you elaborate a bit? E.g. provide some background information in your question. – Peter Mortensen Feb 3 '10 at 9:20
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I don't know what it is. It depends on the context, "automation" used alone with no context doesn't mean much at all.

Anyways, most likely it refers to a scenario like the following:

  • You make changes to the code and then press one button. Then, the following happens automatically.
  • Some program will check whether your checked out code adheres to the coding standards. If not then your checkout will be refused.
  • Your changes will be built; if the build fails (or possibly has warnings) your checkout will be refused.
  • A suite of various tests is ran; if one fails your checkout will be refused.
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I guess what you're referring to is Build automation:

Build automation is the act of scripting or automating a wide variety of tasks that software developers do in their day-to-day activities including things like:

  • compiling computer source code into binary code
  • packaging binary code
  • running tests
  • deployment to production systems
  • creating documentation and or release notes
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It might mean different things in different context. It might be Build automation, Test automation, Continuous integration and many other things.

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