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Im using a JBoss 7.1.1 and i want to remote my ejb3 via grails2.3.4. My EjbService looks:

class EjbService {

//  static scope = "request"

    private Context ejbContext

    void init(){
        def jndiProperties = new Properties()
        jndiProperties.setProperty(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "org.jboss.naming.remote.client.InitialContextFactory")
        jndiProperties.setProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "remote://localhost:4447")
        jndiProperties.setProperty(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, "remoteEJB")
        jndiProperties.setProperty(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, "remotepwd")
        jndiProperties.setProperty("jboss.naming.client.connect.options.org.xnio.Options.SASL_POLICY_NOPLAINTEXT", "false");
        // this is needed for "ebj:..." naming syntax
        jndiProperties.setProperty("jboss.naming.client.ejb.context", "true")
        jndiProperties.setProperty(Context.URL_PKG_PREFIXES, "org.jboss.ejb.client.naming")

        ejbContext = new InitialContext(jndiProperties)

    void destroy() {
      try {
      } catch (Exception ex) {
        log.error "Exception occured while closing ejb context", ex

    private Object getEjb(Class interfaceClass) {
          def ejbName
            ejbName = "ejb:activity-backend-ear/activity-ejb//ProjectService!de.tarent.activity.service.ProjectService"
            return ejbContext.lookup(ejbName)

    ProjectService getProjectService() {
        return getEjb(ProjectService)


My MainController:

class MainController{

    //ProjectService projectService

    def ejbService

    def index() { 
        //List<Project> activeProjectList = projectService.getAllActiveProjectList();
        List projectList = ejbService.projectService.getAllActiveProjectList();
        render(view: "allProjects")
    def create() {


    def view() {
        render(view: "reportView")


I already added the user in the jboss and i put the jboss-client.jar in my lib-folder. Anyways always when i try to call the index()-Method of my Controller i get the following Error:

ERROR errors.GrailsExceptionResolver  - IllegalStateException occurred when processing request: [GET] /Activio/main/index No EJB receiver available for handling [appName:activity-backend-ear,modulename:activity-ejb,distinctname:] combination for invocation context org.jboss.ejb.client.EJBClientInvocationContext@a845241. Stacktrace follows:
Message: No EJB receiver available for handling [appName:activity-backend-ear,modulename:activity-ejb,distinctname:] combination for invocation context org.jboss.ejb.client.EJBClientInvocationContext@a845241

I hope some of u guys can help me. It would make my day.

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