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I've got an event listener in my Collection which listens for the 'add' event, which only seems to fire when the sample data I add in my router is added, but not when I add more models in my view, the code for both is below:


  name: "todos/todos",
  initialize: function() {
    this.on("add", console.log("added"));
  url: "/todo-application/todos"

Router (this fires an event):

collection = new Application.Collections["todos/todos"]();
var m = new Application.Model({
    title: 'Finish screencast',
    done: true

View (this doesn't fire an event):

  name: "todos/index",
  events: {
    "submit form": function(event) {
        var attrs = this.serialize();

The collection.add in the view definitely works, as the model is added to the collection and displayed on screen, yet the collection only gives me a console.log() on the initial pageload when the sample data is added...


According to my Backbone Chrome extension the event is indeed firing, but for some reason this event binding isn't working, and I have tried using this.listenTo instead of .on.

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are you passing in the collection when constructing the view? e.g. new View({ collection: collection}) – ashley Feb 20 '14 at 12:19
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When you use on function on an object, you are binding a callback to an event on that object, and the callback must be a function, like this :

this.on("add", function() { console.log("added"); });
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