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I am trying to create a file upload service with Tornado.

But I noticed that when multiple users uploads files, tornado waits for the first in to finish and process the next one.

What is the proper way of doing ASYNC file uploads on Tornado?

My post:

  def post(self):
    list_of_img = ['png','jpg','jpeg','gif']
    list_of_files = ['rtf','txt','ppt','pptx','doc','docx','pdf','xls','xlsx','rar','zip','tgz','bz','gz','tar','bz2','3gp','mp4','m15','avi','mp3']
    path  =  __UPLOADS__
      fileinfo = self.request.files['file'][0]
      filebody = fileinfo['body']
      filename = fileinfo['filename']
      filetype = fileinfo['content_type']
      extn     = os.path.splitext(filename)[1]

      n_filename = str(uuid.uuid4()) + extn

      # rcv file
      print "saving", n_filename + "..."
      output_file = open(n_filename, 'w')

      # upload to s3
      print "uploading", n_filename + "..."

      self.upload(path, n_filename)

      # clean up
      print "cleaning", n_filename + "..."

    except KeyError, key:
      delete = self.get_argument("delete", None, True)
      if delete:
        filename = self.get_argument("filename", None, True)

        print "deleting", filename + "..."
        self.delete(path, filename)

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The @asynchronous decorator should be used to mark a method that is already asynchronous; it does not make the method asynchronous. This post method is synchronous because it does everything it is going to do before returning control to the IOLoop. You need to make the upload() method asynchronous (which generally means it will either take a callback argument or return a Future) and then call it without blocking from post() (I recommend using the @gen.coroutine decorator and calling slow operations by yielding the Futures they return).

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How is this properly done? –  majidarif Feb 20 '14 at 16:09
That's a big question. You have to identify all the blocking parts of the system and replace them with non-blocking equivalents. This generally means you can't use any networking libraries except those designed to be used asynchronously. There is no free lunch here; the change to the interface is what it means to be asynchronous. –  Ben Darnell Feb 20 '14 at 19:42
seriously. This is common problem, and unable to find a best approach to handle async file-upload. BTW, its good to find few issues before writing my complete app on tornado. –  Ravi Kumar Dec 21 '14 at 4:43

Gevent (Greenlets) are free-lunch way to address BLocking parts.

from gevent import monkey

But careful , sometime it breaks things.

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