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I already know how to count words in each row like this:

IF(words <> '', (length(words)-length(replace(words,' ',''))+1), 0) AS words_count
FROM table

But now i need to SUM all counts from all rows.

How do i do it?

Thank you all.

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If you want the sum, use an aggregation query:

SELECT sum(if(words <> '', (length(words)-length(replace(words,' ',''))+1), 0)) AS words_count
FROM table;


If there are no rows, you can do this to avoid NULL values:

SELECT coalesce(sum(if(words <> '', (length(words)-length(replace(words,' ',''))+1), 0)), 0) AS words_count
FROM table;
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Thank you @Gordon Linoff I had already tried that but in some cases i was not even geting 0 value. Now i know why. Because if there's no rows it returns NULL –  Pedro Feb 20 '14 at 14:24

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