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When I first execute my C# Web Application project from Visual Studio 2012, the first launch always takes quite a while, usually 20 to 30 seconds. Most of this time seems to be "Loading symbols for reference X.Y.Z.dll". Each of my around 30 references takes about a second to load these symbols. Once they've been loaded the first time, it usually only takes a few seconds for subsequent executions.

What is this "loading symbols", exactly? Why does it take so long? Is there a way to speed it up?

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did you enable net source stepping or others related for debuggind net source –  qwr Feb 20 at 12:49
I enabled the web.config file for debugging when it first prompted me, but not any Dot.Net original source code. So I don't think I enabled net source skipping. –  Nate Kerkhofs Feb 20 at 12:53
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I believe you can disable it via

 Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> Symbols
 check Automatically load symbols 


 Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General
 enabling "enable Just My code "
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Does this have any adverse effects on speed or reliability of the web app? –  Nate Kerkhofs Feb 20 at 12:54
for speed always use release mode, This just affects debugging process ( not debug code) –  qwr Feb 20 at 12:54
Okay, that answers the 3rd question. What about the first 2? What is it and why does it take so long? I'm actually more interested in those 2 answers than how to speed it up. –  Nate Kerkhofs Feb 20 at 12:55
What do you mean by "affects debugging process? Does it mean debugging happens slower, or in a different way? –  Nate Kerkhofs Feb 20 at 12:56
@NateKerkhofs you are able to debug net sources,too . Well it is loading symbols . loading can take much cause of internet speed –  qwr Feb 20 at 12:57
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