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I have view with 2 nested dropdown lists that filters data from database and show filtered result in a table. In that table, i have an link to another view that shows details for selected database record.

Is it possible (and how) to keep selected values of master view dropdowns after user click on a "back" button in browser when viewing details view?

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Why not put it in a Session

Request.Session["Value1"] = "Your value"
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you should use viewstate dont use session it is heavy weight object so take more loading on server

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Can't use ViewState if the user is leaving the page and coming back to it. –  zimdanen Feb 20 at 13:10
who say cant use viewsate –  Chirag Sutariya Feb 20 at 13:17
ViewState goes out to the page and back. How would you use ViewState if you're moving across pages? –  zimdanen Feb 20 at 13:45

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