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To put it simply angular services always confuse me and I seem to get them working by trial and error. I'd like to know why in this case data returns undefined.

App module :

var app = angular.module('myApp', ['services']);


//creating a service module
var appServices = angular.module('services', []);

appServices.factory('Data', function(){
return {message : "I am data"}


function($scope, Data){
    //get data from the service
    $ = Data;


function($scope, Data){
    //get data from the service
    $ = Data;


If I console log data I just get "undefined" . Im just trying to do a simple example to return the object {message:"i am data"} so that

$ = Data;

then in the view

data.message = "i am data"

Would really appreciate an explanation of why this does not work. Thanks

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You're not injecting $scope into the controller. Change it to this:

app.controller('firstCtrl', [
    '$scope', // There should be an element of this array for each parameter
    function($scope, Data){
        //get data from the service
        $ = Data;

As you're only injecting the Data service it gets mapped to the $scope parameter of the controller function, and nothing gets mapped to the Data parameter (and since a variable that has not been assigned a value implicitly has the value undefined, you see undefined).

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thanks , silly me :D – Aidan Gee Feb 20 '14 at 13:47

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