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I am using the below code to execute some commands on the command prompt and get the standardout and standarderror. The app works fine 80% of the time, but for some commands when the output is a bit heavy, the process used to hang. Then I read about delegating the standardoutput and standarderror as in http://stackoverflow.com/a/1146030/971363 which I am using right now;

            var localeId = GetSystemDefaultLCID();
            var cultureInfo = CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo(localeId);
            var codePage = cultureInfo.TextInfo.OEMCodePage;
            var encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(codePage);

            // The /c tells cmd that we want it to execute the command that follows, and then exit.
            var processStartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo
                    FileName = "cmd.exe",
                    Arguments = "/c " + cliCommand,
                    UseShellExecute = false,
                    CreateNoWindow = true,
                    StandardOutputEncoding = encoding,
                    StandardErrorEncoding = encoding,
                    RedirectStandardOutput = true,
                    RedirectStandardError = true,
                    WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden,

            this.cliProcess = new Process { StartInfo = processStartInfo };
            this.cliProcess.ErrorDataReceived += this.ProcessErrorDataReceived;
            this.cliProcess.OutputDataReceived += this.ProcessOutputDataReceived;
            this.cliProcess.EnableRaisingEvents = true;




            // Gets the value that the associated process specified when it terminated.
            this.processExitCode = this.cliProcess.ExitCode;
            this.StandardOutputString = this.tmpStandardOutputString.ToString();
            this.StandardErrorString = this.tmpStandardErrorString.ToString();
            this.IsProcessSuccessful = this.processExitCode == 0;

    private void ProcessErrorDataReceived(object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e)
        if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(e.Data))


    private void ProcessOutputDataReceived(object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e)
        if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(e.Data))


This approach gave back a stackoverflow exception during a test run today (it worked fine 90% of the time) in just one scenario.

I did try the approach as in http://stackoverflow.com/a/7608823/971363 but even that does not work consistently all the time. This one gave me an objectdisposedexception exactly as http://stackoverflow.com/users/83418/jeffrey-knight pointed out.

Could someone help me sort either of these approaches. Am I doing anything wrong in the calling sequence or in the code?

Sorry for posting this as a separate question. I don't have the required reputation to comment on @jeffrey-knight's post.

Thanks in advance, Joe.

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every time the process takes more the 5 seconds you should have one error because you have .WaitForExit(5000); –  Pedro.The.Kid Feb 20 at 14:33
I tested it, none of my commands will take more than 5 seconds, moreover, the error comes even before 5 seconds and when the output is null. –  Joe Varghese Feb 20 at 15:31
You set the EnableRaisingEvents this is for the process end to call one event but you don't have any try to set it to false or .Exited += new EventHandler(myProcess_Exited) plus after .ExitCode; do a cliProcess.Close() –  Pedro.The.Kid Feb 20 at 15:57

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