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I'm trying to run some stuff asynchronous. Here's my code:

    private async void SearchButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
         await Search();

    // Inside search there is no async operation
    public Task Search()
        // search for data in DB
        // update DataGridView and other elements on UI

        // How to return null/void/nothing?
        return ???;

Is it illegal/bad practice to await on synchronous methods like Search()? I know I can use Task.Run(Search) instead but then Search() will be executed on another thread (not on UI thread) and I have to use Invoke() inside Search() very often.

I changed the return value of Search() method from 'void' to 'Task' so its awaitable but what do I have to return?

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You don't want to stay on the UI thread if you're doing database operations as it will make the UI hang. Do it the right way on a separate thread. Try to separate out the database code from the code that manipulates the UI into different methods. –  MgSam Feb 20 at 14:07
Okay so option 2 should be the better approach because it will not be executed on the UI thread? –  AlmightyMato Feb 20 at 15:11

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Is it illegal/bad practice to await on synchronous methods like Search()?

Well it's a very bad idea, because your UI will hang, basically.

You should change your Search method to SearchAsync (for the sake of convention) and use asynchronous database operations to make it properly asynchronous.

Currently, you don't have any true asynchrony: everything will just happen on your UI thread.

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+1. EF6 and higher supports asynchronous database queries. –  Stephen Cleary Feb 20 at 14:24
I am using EF5 therefore I can not use async queries? So when/how to receive my data in this case? Is it possible to start an async chain of methods and in the end I do something synchronous? –  AlmightyMato Feb 20 at 15:10
@AlmightyMato: You could use Task.Run to spin up the database queries in a different thread, and await that task in the UI thread. –  Jon Skeet Feb 20 at 15:15
I did like you suggest and this works fine. Thank you. –  AlmightyMato Feb 20 at 15:27

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