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I'd like to use Oracle's SQLdeveloper to visualize my HSQLDB tables. An instruction on how to use it with MySQL can be found on http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/programming-and-development/?p=564 ... and I know that Oracle points to a location where to download all JDBC drivers.

With MySQL this worked, however, including the JAR file from HSQLDB (here: hsqldb- did not make a new tab show up (as is the case with MySQL).

Is there a way to "convince" SQLdeveloper working with HSQLDB and JDBC? FYI, I am using Squirrel too but it's not as comfortable to work with compared to SQLdeveloper.

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Old thread, but for anyone coming to this late and wanting to view the link above, it does work but has an extra dot com in it. Here's the still-working link: blogs.techrepublic.com/programming-and-development/?p=564 –  jwj Jan 23 at 2:57
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I was looking for the same thing, then found this:


So basically Oracle doesn't support it, and you can't add a new TAB on your own, even if you have the JDBC driver.

You can try other tool like ExecuteQuery (executequery dot org)

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