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I'm using symfony/dependency-injection component (note: not using the full stack framework)

When registering a new service i want to inject in the constructor a new instance of a class. Example:

$container->register('session', 'Vendor\Core\Session')
    ->addArgument(new PhpBridgeSessionStorage());

The example works very well but what if I want to use yml files for defining this service? Something like:

    class: Vendor\Core\Session
    arguments: [ new Class\To\Inject ]

Am I forced to define Class\To\Inject as a new service? or create a Service factory?

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Thank you. I guess that in the end I'll have to decide if i want to use private services, or building part of my container in PHP. –  spdionis Feb 20 at 15:44

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Yes, all classes you inject should be services. You can give them a scope of prototype to create a new instance each time it's requested.

For more information see: http://symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/service_container/scopes.html

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This would mean polluting the configuration file with a lot of use-once services that have no dependencies and that shouldn't be used outside of the building of the container. I'd rather build this part of the container with PHP in this case. –  spdionis Feb 20 at 15:30
@spdionis If it shouldn't be used outside of the container, they should be marked as public=false (private). You have to put them into a container, that's how it works :) –  Wouter J Feb 20 at 16:47
I'm just scared of ending up with 100 services. –  spdionis Feb 20 at 17:23

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