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I have a production and a development server, each server has its own MySql server. I am not the admin of any server, not installed anything. I need to get the schema and data from the production to the development but myslqdump does not restore any data!

I tried to add SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0; without result. Then I removed the only trigger present, nothing. Then I removed two foreign keys that created and error (when importing phpMyAdmin). Then I was able to import the data.

This is quite scaring. I cannot rely on mysqldump, isn't? Did you have similar problems? Any advise?

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The error was a foreign key, set to not null with default to 11. I changed it to null. Instead of using mysqldump I used mysql so I get the eoor that was cousing the problem. –  rtacconi Feb 4 '10 at 15:56

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are you dumping and restoring with phpmyadmin? what error do you get?

for large mysql databases i recommend to user mysqldumper for dumping and restoring if you have no ssh access.


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As stated in the title and body I am using mysqldump. Thanks for the link is interesting, but any DBMS should have its own reliable backup tool. –  rtacconi Feb 3 '10 at 11:30

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