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Binaries (under Linux) don't have an extension so I cannot exclude them using patterns. Thus when I use SVN add to add a directory I will get something like

$ svn add recursion_vector/
A         recursion_vector
A         recursion_vector/rec_vec.cxx
A         recursion_vector/rec_vec.h
A  (bin)  recursion_vector/rec_vec

Here rec_vec is the executable I would like to exclude. SVN obviously recognizes it as binary. Now can I tell Subversion to ignore all binary files?

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Just a remark: Ignoring all binaries would ignore other binaries, too. Like, for example, icons, which you might want to include in the repository. –  Sam Feb 3 '10 at 10:30
Yes, but that's something I could live with, because I normally only check in code and never icons. –  fuenfundachtzig Feb 3 '10 at 13:36

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This is a bit verbose because it uses find:

find [TARGET-DIRECTORY] \( -executable -type f \) -prune -o -print | xargs svn add --depth empty

Passing the target-directory to find, find will recurse the directory printing out all the contents except for executable files (\( -executable -type f \) -prune). Without -type f find would also prune directories since these usually have the execute bit or "search bit" set.

The --depth empty option on add tells svn not to itself recurse a file object, since find is handling the recursion.

If you like the result, you can put this in a shell function that would allow you to pass in arguments for [TARGET-DIRECTORY].

Thank you,


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Can you set up a pattern match to exclude filenames that don't have a . in them?

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The best idea so far :) Of course, it would also fire on files called README and similar, but I don't have those, so maybe I should go with this. –  fuenfundachtzig Jun 2 '10 at 9:08
@fuenfundachtzig you could also match filenames that don't have a . in them and also match [a-z]+. If you work with README files, then they may all be [A-Z]+... –  masher Jul 8 '10 at 6:35

This is not exactly what you want (and you might already know this answer)... but anyway :

You can set exclude patterns to ignore some files based on the filenames. More info in the great SVN book :


Other than that, it might be possible to do something with commit hooks, but I have no experience with those ...

Good luck !

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