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I have a dataset which has a daily count spanning over several months and I want to create a graph showing the daily counts however I want to have a separate chart for each month. Is this possible to do by isolating each month?

For example if I have

2009/1/1 45 2009/1/2 21 2009/1/3 11 2009/1/4 11 2009/2/1 34 2009/2/2 45 2009/2/3 11 2009/2/4 34

Chart A would filter the dataset so only January's data would be displayed Chart B would filter the dataset so only Febuary's data would be displayed

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Using Chart Expert click the 'Order...' button and set Chart Sort Order to 'specified order' then define the month you want to see. A new tab will appear called 'Others'. Click it and check 'Discard all others'. The chart now only should display data for the specified period.

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