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I'm querying an Oracle table and filling a vb.net 4 datatable. One particular field should contain text with CR LF. When I reference the "SUMMARY" field from the datatable, the text runs together without line breaks. I'm trying to determine where in my process I'm loosing CR LF. My test to prove to myself the line breaks exist in the Oracle table, I link to the table with Microsoft Access. I select and copy a populated "SUMMARY" field into Notepad++. the test has the appropriate line breaks. I also turned on the option to see all chanacters and I see CR LF.

How do I retain those line feeds from the Oracle table into my datatable?

Thanks for any help.


======================================================== This is my code to read the Oracle table, populate the datatable and reference it later. I've shortened the query for the question...

cmd.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@ContactReportDetail", SqlDbType.Text))

' Oraacle Connection
Dim conORACLE As New OracleConnection
Dim cmdORACLE As New OracleCommand
Dim sORACLECommandtext As String = ""
conORACLE.ConnectionString = My.Settings.ORACLE

sORACLECommandtext = "Select SUMMARY from CONTACT_REPORT"
Dim oraAdapt As New OracleDataAdapter(sORACLECommandtext, conORACLE)
Dim dt As New DataTable

If IsDBNull(row("SUMMARY")) Then
    cmd.Parameters("@ContactReportDetail").Value = ""
    cmd.Parameters("@ContactReportDetail").Value = row("Summary")
End If
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