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I am trying to remove a Period of time from another Period of time in Joda-Time, but it does not work.

Period p = new Period(new LocalDate("2014-01-01"), new LocalDate("2014-02-20"),PeriodType.days())

From this remove another Period:

Period minusD = new Period(new LocalDate(dates[0]), new LocalDate(dates[1]),PeriodType.days());

and now just get the days from the first period.


I tried using the MutablePeriod as well, but that did not seem to work either.

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minus does not change the given Period object, it creates a new object that's the difference between the two Periods:

Period p = new Period(/*something*/);
Period minusD = new Period(/*period to subtract*/);
Period result = p.minus(minusD);
System.out.println (result.getDays());
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