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I just downloaded Onsen UI. It looks really nice, but is huge! So there are basically 3 questions:

  • how can I strip down Onsen UI to a bare minimum?
  • is AngularJS required to use Onsen UI? (I prefer knockoutjs)
  • the Onsen UI 'minimum' example is already approx 6MB in size (without any gimmicks). Is there a real 'minimum' sample?
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The minimum template in getting started page is only 2.3mb.



AngularJS requirement

Onsen UI is based on http://Topcoat.io So you can use the css without AngularJS. But you need to adapt the animation logic for knockoutjs.

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Thanks for the answer, but to tell you the truth: 2.3MB for a bare minimum template is way to huge. It's not the file-size that scares me, but all the sources must get processed and so the likeliness to run into performance issues rises from byte to byte ;) –  Andy Fuchs Feb 21 at 14:28

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