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When inserting hughe ammount of data into a table i'm quite used to doing the following:

import postgresql
db = postgresql.open('pq://user:pass@host/db')
preped = db.prepare("INSERT INTO table VALUES($1);")

And that works fine.
However, for the first time in a long while I need to grab hughe ammount of data from the database based on numerous WHERE scenarios and other stuff, so i thought i'd do the same with a SELECT statement and just pass along the different criterias into load_rows which led me to the documentation as one normally would start and load_rows always returns None.

So my question is, is there an equivilant to load_rows that returns data as it's executed? I tried:

preped = db.prepare("SELECT stuff FROM table WHERE ip=$1;")
print(preped(['', '', '', '']))

But it gave me:

ParameterError: could not pack parameter $1::pg_catalog.text for transfer
Detail: ['', '', '' ...
HINT: Try casting the parameter to 'text', then to the target type.

I could just loop through my list of IP's or number manually and calculate stuff the old fashioned way, but if the SQL Driver has features that speeds things up i'd be damned if i didn't make use of them.

Any ideas?

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