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I have a file written that contains a list of GPS coordinates, it just has 2 columns longitude and latitude and that is it. I have a second file that will contain the GPS coordinates text file name and a list of deviceId's, for example - Routes_A.txt 285, 284 What I have to do is write code to open the file and read it, which I can do;

File textA = new File("C:/Users/Daniel Dold/Desktop/Routes/Bus_Routes.txt");
Scanner scannerA = new Scanner(textA);
        String line = scannerA.nextLine();

The problem I am having is I need to be able to open the Routes_A.txt file when the code opens the Bus_Routes.txt file, and not have it hard coded in my code.

Does anyone have any information that can help me?

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What is your problem exactly? Splitting the line? Open a file? –  Absurd-Mind Feb 20 at 16:24
I want to open the Bus_Routes.txt file, read the first line, see that its a text file name and then open the Routes_A.txt file so it can get at that information –  Dan Feb 20 at 16:28

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You can parse the line read from Bus_Routes.txt to extract the 2nd filename:

String line = scannerA.nextLine();
String[] parsed = line.split("\\s"); //split at whitespace
String otherFileName = parsed[0];    //other filename was 1st part of line

File dir = //what directory are the files in?
File otherFile = new File(dir, otherFileName);
//now read this file the same way as you read the previous one
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perfect, cheers for the help –  Dan Feb 20 at 16:41

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