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I made a subclass of NSCollectionView because I wanted to implement it programmatically. There is nothing special to it except today I wanted to activate selection. I am using ARC.

The collectionView has a strong property in my document. This works fine I can do everything with it. Today I set setSelectable:YES which works fine too, the Item gets selected and highlighted. If I try to drag that Item (by accident) The program crashes. Then I opened Instruments to find the Zombie object and there was it. in my initCollectionView method of my document the collectionView is malloc'ed but also dealloc'ed in the same method. Why? Because the program crashes sending an canDragItemsAtIndex call and says the collectionview is not there anymore.

Why does this happen or what can I do against it? Without setSelectable:YES it does not crash trying to drag an Item (which is what it should do)

Okay there might be no strong reference anymore, but how could I get one when initCollectionView is over?

Thanks guys Benjamin

*EDIT * code of initCollectionView

-(void)initCollectionView {

UInt16 width  = 3000;

self.channelController = [[NSArrayController alloc] init];
[self.channelController setAutomaticallyRearrangesObjects:YES];
[self.channelController setAutomaticallyPreparesContent:YES];
[self.channelController bind:@"contentArray" toObject:self withKeyPath:@"channelArray" options:Nil];

self.collectionView = [[ChannelCollectionView alloc] initWithFrame:NSMakeRect(0, 0, width, self.splitview.frame.size.height)];
[self.collectionView setItemPrototype:[ChannelViewItemController new]];
[self.collectionView setMaxNumberOfRows:1];
[self.collectionView setMaxItemSize:NSMakeSize(110, 800)];
[self.collectionView setMinItemSize:NSMakeSize(110, 800)];
[self.collectionView setAutoresizingMask:(NSViewMinXMargin | NSViewWidthSizable | NSViewMaxXMargin | NSViewMinYMargin  | NSViewHeightSizable| NSViewMaxYMargin)];
[self.collectionView setAutoresizesSubviews:YES];
[self.collectionView bind:NSContentBinding toObject:self.channelController withKeyPath:@"arrangedObjects" options:nil];
[self.collectionView setSelectable:YES];

CollectionViewController *delegateController = [[CollectionViewController alloc] init];

[self.collectionView setDelegate:delegateController];

self.scrollView = [[NSScrollView alloc] initWithFrame:NSMakeRect(0, 0, self.splitview.frame.size.width-220, self.splitview.frame.size.height)];

[self.scrollView setHasVerticalScroller:YES];
[self.scrollView setHasHorizontalScroller:YES];
[self.scrollView setVerticalScrollElasticity:NSScrollElasticityNone];
[self.scrollView setAutoresizingMask:NSViewWidthSizable | NSViewHeightSizable];
//[self.scrollView setDrawsBackground:YES];
//[self.scrollView setBackgroundColor:[NSColor greenColor]];

[self.scrollView setAutoresizesSubviews:YES];
[self.scrollView setDocumentView:self.collectionView];

[self.splitview addSubview: self.scrollView];

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Can you post your init code? – Merlevede Feb 20 '14 at 16:21
Thanks - I edited it in, but its nothing speical Well I somehow get that ARC is deallocating it after the method is over... but I dont know how to prevent this? – bennibeef Feb 20 '14 at 16:32
Well I just solved it I feel very dumb - there was an error in the Delegate for the CollectionView (which wasnt even used) Just saw that delegate call copying over the code - thanks anyways! – bennibeef Feb 20 '14 at 16:42

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