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I have to output 2 blocks on the same page, each one of them must contain 3 random posts from database.

I have simple model

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  scope :random, -> { order('RANDOM()') }

I put the ActiveRecord code in application_helper.rb:

module ApplicationHelper
  def random_posts(num = 3)
    posts = Post.uncached do

then in layout I use this call twice (Slim template engine used)

= render random_posts

which uses this partial app/views/posts/_post.html.slim

a.btn = post.title

Blocks are filled with 3 random posts from database, but they are the same in each blocks! Why is it so? Each block has to contain different posts.

I've created a repo here with simple demonstration

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What does your Post.random method look like? –  diego.greyrobot Feb 20 at 16:49
I added model code to the question text. Thank you! –  user3333660 Feb 20 at 16:57
Can you give the long-hand syntax for render a try? = render partial: "post", collection: random_posts, as: :post –  steakchaser Feb 20 at 17:00
@steakchaser just tried it, no luck. still the same –  user3333660 Feb 20 at 17:04
@Teeg thanks! still trying to figure it out. I want to have multiple blocks with random posts, but don't want to create a bunch of variables in my controller (block1_random_posts, block2_random_posts etc - depending on number of blocks in layout) –  user3333660 Feb 20 at 17:26

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I got this to work by flipping uncached to cache. I was experimenting on the Post model, but you could probably drop this in your helper just as easily:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.random_posts(n = 3)
    cache do

For two calls of the method using uncached, the ActiveRecord log lines are Post Load ... and CACHE ..., but using cache, they are both Post Load.... I really wish I could explain why this works, but it's completely counterintuitive and makes no sense to me.

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I can confirm this works in both the view and the rails console. What a fantastically odd thing. –  Paul Richter Feb 20 at 17:37
@Zach Kemp Yay, it works! I just changed uncached to cache in helper as you mentioned! Thanks so much! –  user3333660 Feb 20 at 17:57
@user3333660 Don't forget to accept Zach's answer (green checkmark on the left) –  Paul Richter Feb 20 at 18:11
@Teeg thanks for the tip! I'm new here) –  user3333660 Feb 20 at 18:21
@user3333660 That's alright, welcome to SO. Accepting an answer is both a "thank you", and it lets other people know that "this post best answered my question / helped me the most", which of course is very helpful to the community in general. Best of luck in your endeavours! –  Paul Richter Feb 20 at 19:04

Forking your code, it seems that the collection Post.random is being cached in Rails in some way. If you add a debugger on the random_posts in ApplicationHelper:


Will have the same collection every time.

Taken from this blogpost, you could use this as an alternative:

In ApplicationHelper.rb:

def self.random_posts(num = 3)
  ids = Post.pluck(:id).shuffle[0..4]
  Post.where(id: ids)
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