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I am accessing Sage 50 data via their ODBC Driver but cannot seem to establish if the tables have a unique / primary key. The ODBC.NET Driver does not seem to return any information relating to indexes or key field information.

Anyone got any clues?


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Tables ending in "m" seem to be master tables with actual real data in...

Don't know if that helps at all.

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On the main objects such as Customers, Suppliers the Key indexed fields are ACCOUNT_REF, if its a transaction file you would join on HEADER.HEADER_NUMBER -> SPLIT.HEADER_NUMBER - they work on old school linked lists are are not indexed

For Sales or Purchase Orders, Invoice documents you would join INVOICE.INVOICE_NUMBER to INVOICE_ITEM.INVOICE_NUMBER

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Sage Line 50 uses a proprietry database. As far as I am aware there is no indexing of the tables.

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