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I am developing a website that features videos.

I received reports that the videos are not playing on iOS, which I confirmed by using iOS Simulator.

After several tests I noticed that: 1- If I access this url http://www.w3schools.com/html/movie.mp4 using iOS Sim it plays fine. 2- If I upload the same video to my server (nginx) and access it directly it does not play.

I thought it was a MIME type issue but the Nginx mime.types has

    video/3gpp                              3gpp 3gp;
    video/mp4                               mp4;
    video/mpeg                              mpeg mpg mpe;
    video/ogg                               ogv;
    video/quicktime                         mov;
    video/webm                              webm;
    video/x-flv                             flv;
    video/x-mng                             mng;
    video/x-ms-asf                          asx asf;
    video/x-ms-wmv                          wmv;
    video/x-msvideo                         avi;

Any suggestions? Is the iOS simulator (os x 10.9 latest xcode) reliable for these tests?

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check the response headers in both the w3schools site and your page –  Mohammad AbuShady Feb 21 at 0:29

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My bad, it was an encoding issue after all. Not sure why it didn't play the video I downloaded from w3c example, but I reencoded my mp4s using youtube's h264 settings and now it works.

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