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Given: two PNG images without an alpha channel.

Only the overlay.png image should be inverted (hence the -negate) and all pure black in this image should be turned transparent before composing it over the other, unaltered image.png.

Moreover, I would like to do so in one command without generating intermediate images.

As an utter ImageMagick novice, I already managed to write the following. However, I have no clue where to put -transparent black now?

composite -gravity center \( -negate overlay.png \) image.png output.png
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OK, after a small break, I eventually found it; I have to use convert which happens to be much more versatile than composite.

One caveat when using convert is that one needs to reverse the order of the images!

convert -gravity center image.png \( -negate overlay.png -transparent black \) -composite output.png
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