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I am sending emails (in an async way, so no reference to a request object), and I'd like the locale to be set to something else that the default. In particular, I'd like to change the decimal separators.

I guess the ideal thing would be that I store in the user model the preferred locale, so that I can use it whenever I want when I perform some action related to that user.

Yet, I don't know how to tell my email template which locale to use.

So 2 questions:

  • Where to get the locale of a user (so that I can store it and use it later)?
  • More importantly, knowing that I want eg. French locale, how to tell my template to use it to display decimal numbers?
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I think that you can only change the language and formatting depends on it. In that case, you can do something like this:

from django.utils.translation import activate

def my_async_fu(user_id):
    u = User.objects.fet(id=user_id)
    # Do whatever you want       
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