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We have added a new custom view to our Eclipse Kepler environment. The new view is similar to the Navigator view and the Project Explorer view, except that it filters and reorders the displayed resources according to our special needs. After creating the custom view using the Eclipse Common Navigator Framework (CNF), we find that there are no edit items such as Copy nor Paste in the popup context menu, and they are disabled in the regular dropdown menu. So now we need to add them. Several other posts discuss this issue but none seem to give a complete answer.

What we have so far is (shown only for Copy, others are similar):

In plugin.xml we added menus extension to place items on popup menu:


Next in plugin.xml we added handlers extension to make menu item functional:

            <count value="0"/>
         <with variable="activePartId">
            <equals value=""/>

And finally we implemented the handler class:

public class CustomViewCopyHandler
     extends AbstractHandler
  implements IHandler
    public Object execute( ExecutionEvent event )
            throws ExecutionException
        return null;

It works great as far as it goes. Copy is added to the popup menu and clicking it calls the class execute() function.

But what should execute() do? That is the point of this post. We have found Eclipse classes org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.resources.actions.CopyAction and org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.resources.actions.EditActionGroup but cannot find a way to use them. Given they are named as 'internal' it is not surprising they are not meant for direct user access.

Has anyone ever successfully done this? Any help or pointers, but especially working code examples, greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Bill :-)

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You use the SWT Clipboard for copy and paste, there is a simple example here. – greg-449 Feb 20 '14 at 21:21
Thank you greg-449, that helps. We had hoped to avoid writing our own copy/paste by using some Eclipse provided classes. I had not as yet even done a search for writing our own. The link you provided convinced us it could be done in a reasonable number of lines and we have successfully done so. Thanks again. – user3334340 Feb 24 '14 at 22:08

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