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I'm trying to run a program in python3 that has Z3 as a dependency (imports z3)

I was able to install the unstable version of Z3 (which is suppose to support Python3), but it install the libraries for python2.7 only.

Here are the instructions at the project:

python scripts/mk_make.py
cd build
sudo make install

Does anybody know how to install Z3 work for Python3?


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@lanzz the answer to that question is, summarily, the steps that tomyo has written above. tomyo is specifically having issues with the steps which are supposed to generate the Python 3 compatible files, but don't. –  David Antaramian Feb 20 at 22:11
Just as a clerical clarification, what is the version of Python you are using to call python scripts/mk_make.py? Also, if you open a python interpreter at the console, what is the output of import distutils.sysconfig; distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib()? –  David Antaramian Feb 20 at 22:18
Sorry, my bad, overlooked it. Seeing that python scripts/mk_make.py generated a Makefile that installed the module for Python 2.7, I would guess python is a symlink to python2.7. @tomyo, try running python3 scripts/mk_make.py instead (follow the rest of the instructions unchanged) and see if it will end up in your Python 3 packages directory. –  lanzz Feb 20 at 22:26

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I had to modify scripts/mk_util.py in order to convert a few lines from Python2 to Python3 and also replace tab with spaces in other few lines, after that it worked!.

It seems somebody accidentally introduced changes not compatible with Python3.

I noticed Leonardo de Moura about this and he made a change in z3 git repo.

Here's a path just in case

--- z3-original/scripts/mk_util.py
+++ z3/scripts/mk_util.py
@@ -640,7 +640,7 @@

 def is_clang_in_gpp_form(cc):
     version_string = subprocess.check_output([cc, '--version'])
-    return version_string.find('clang') != -1
+    return str(version_string).find('clang') != -1

 def is_CXX_clangpp():
     if is_compiler(CXX, 'g++'):
@@ -1485,7 +1485,7 @@
                 print('Java Compiler:  %s' % JAVAC)
-   OS_DEFINES = ""
+        OS_DEFINES = ""
         ARITH = "internal"
         CXX = find_cxx_compiler()
@@ -1508,7 +1508,7 @@
                 CPPFLAGS = '%s -D_FOCI2' % CPPFLAGS
-                print "FAILED\n"
+                print("FAILED\n")
                 FOCI2 = False
         if GIT_HASH:
             CPPFLAGS = '%s -DZ3GITHASH=%s' % (CPPFLAGS, GIT_HASH)
@@ -1536,21 +1536,21 @@
             SLIBFLAGS = '-dynamiclib'
         elif sysname == 'Linux':
             CXXFLAGS       = '%s -fno-strict-aliasing -D_LINUX_' % CXXFLAGS
-       OS_DEFINES     = '-D_LINUX'
+            OS_DEFINES     = '-D_LINUX'
             SO_EXT         = '.so'
             LDFLAGS        = '%s -lrt' % LDFLAGS
             SLIBFLAGS      = '-shared'
             SLIBEXTRAFLAGS = '%s -lrt' % SLIBEXTRAFLAGS
         elif sysname == 'FreeBSD':
             CXXFLAGS       = '%s -fno-strict-aliasing -D_FREEBSD_' % CXXFLAGS
-       OS_DEFINES     = '-D_FREEBSD_'
+            OS_DEFINES     = '-D_FREEBSD_'
             SO_EXT         = '.so'
             LDFLAGS        = '%s -lrt' % LDFLAGS
             SLIBFLAGS      = '-shared'
             SLIBEXTRAFLAGS = '%s -lrt' % SLIBEXTRAFLAGS
         elif sysname[:6] ==  'CYGWIN':
             CXXFLAGS    = '%s -D_CYGWIN -fno-strict-aliasing' % CXXFLAGS
-       OS_DEFINES     = '-D_CYGWIN'
+            OS_DEFINES     = '-D_CYGWIN'
             SO_EXT      = '.dll'
             SLIBFLAGS   = '-shared'
@@ -1586,7 +1586,7 @@
         config.write('SLINK_FLAGS=%s\n' % SLIBFLAGS)
         config.write('SLINK_EXTRA_FLAGS=%s\n' % SLIBEXTRAFLAGS)
         config.write('SLINK_OUT_FLAG=-o \n')
-   config.write('OS_DEFINES=%s\n' % OS_DEFINES)
+        config.write('OS_DEFINES=%s\n' % OS_DEFINES)
         if is_verbose():
             print('Host platform:  %s' % sysname)
             print('C++ Compiler:   %s' % CXX)
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