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Having trouble getting a button click event registered with a backbone view. The view itself displays just fine, with the correct data substituted into the template, but when I click the generated button, nothing happens. Any ideas?

My view is defined as:

var IndividualNoteView = Backbone.View.extend({


    events: {
        'click .removeItem': "buttonClickHandler",

    initialize : function (options) {
        console.log("Creating new indiv note view");

        this.options = options || {};
        this.gridster = this.options.gridster;
        this.noteModel = this.options.noteModel;
        this.row = this.options.row;
        this.col = this.options.col;
        this.el = $("#"+this.noteModel.get("noteId"));
        console.log("my domain- "+this.el.selector);
        this.noteModel.on('remove', this.destroy_view);

    render: function(){
        var tmpl = _.template(this.template);
        this.el = tmpl(this.noteModel.toJSON());

    buttonClickHandler : function(event){
        alert( $(event.currentTarget).text());

        return false;

and my template (in my index.html) is defined as:

<script id="indivNoteTemplate" type="text/javascript">
<li id="<%= noteId%>">
   <div>Text: <%= text%></div> 
   <button class="removeItem">Remove</button></li>
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This looks like a sequence issue. You may want to set the selector for your el when you pass in any initialization options: new IndividualNoteView({ el: '#' + modelInstance.get('noteId') }); –  kinakuta Feb 20 '14 at 22:24
@kdkavanagh, Have either of these answers helped to solve your problem? –  bejonbee Feb 21 '14 at 16:43

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You need to set an el property backbone binds events to the views el.

for example:

el: '#container'

Or you could:

id: function()
    return this.noteModel.get('noteId');

and then use this.$el instead of doing this.el = $("#"+this.noteModel.get("noteId")); in the initialize function.

You would then not need to do id="<%= noteId%>" in the template since backbone will handle it for you.

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hmm he is setting el in initialize. But even if el is not set, backbone create new <div> by default. –  ASmith78 Feb 20 '14 at 21:59

At the time initialize is called your template has not been rendered so this.el = $("#"+this.noteModel.get("noteId")); is probably selecting nothing.

Furthermore, the Backbone.View creates the element for you, so you should not need to do this.

As per the Backbone docs your render function should probably look more like this

render: function(){
    var tmpl = _.template(this.template);

If you ever want to set the .el property manually you must call setElement to properly set up the Backbone View. You can see how this is used internally here.

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