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I'm working on a game and I am using a CardLayout to switch between different JPanels in the same JFrame.

Problem: I have a helpPanel that I can go to pushing a button in the main-menuPanel and pushing a button in the gamePanel.

What I want: I want to be able to place a JButton in my helpPanel that (when pressed) goes back to the main-menuPanel or the gamePanel (depending if you came from the main-menuPanel or from the gamePanel).

What I've tried: I've tried using the actionlistener in combination with .previous(container parent) but that only takes me back to the JPanel that was added to the CardLayout in the position previous to the helpPanel. I've also tried nesting the actionListeners to try and get different situations but that didn't work.

What I searched: I've searched for solutions in other Questiones but it's always about switching between 2 different JPanels in stead of 3.

Can anyone help me please? I find it to be a very difficult situation.

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Why just don't you store in someplace a String variable call previous ? –  nachokk Feb 20 at 22:38

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Read the section from the Swing tutorial on How to Use Card Layout. It shows you how to switch between cards by specifying a String that identifies the card to display.

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