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I'd like to copy the disk image of a running EC2 instance (grab the AMI) and import it into virtual box or eventually have it run using Vagrant. I saw that packer (http://www.packer.io/) allows you to create AMI's and corresponding Vagrant boxes to work together, however the running instance I currently have has been running for over two years and would be difficult to replicate.

I imagine that this issue is common in the devops community however have not found a solution in my research online. Are there any tools out there that let you accomplish this task?

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This looks like it covers what you're talking about. –  Drewness Feb 20 at 22:25
I'm looking for an easily repeatable / automated process if possible. –  Justin Walz Feb 21 at 17:47

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Export the instance http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/ExportingEC2Instances.html

Some more details http://jackstromberg.com/2012/12/how-to-export-a-vm-from-amazon-ec2-to-vmware-on-premise/

Personally i've done this on a Windows box by installing VMWare converter on the instance and converting the local system to a VMDK. Then I posted the VMDK to S3.

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