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I am trying to make a data set that has the p-values (or alpha values) along with the Pearson correlation coefficient for different variables.

I have about 6000 variables, and 4 variables I am correlating them with. I obtained the coefficients by using the output statement below

Full Code:

proc corr data=dat   outp = corr   noprint;
 var v1
     ...;               *upto about v6000;

However, I would also like the alpha values that I usually get in the 'Results Viewer' window, as a data set.

Thank you.

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Which proc are you using? Please show your current code.. –  RawFocus Feb 21 at 9:26
@RawFocus, I included the full code. I hope you can help me out! Thank you! –  Erica Jh Lee Feb 21 at 14:43

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Try the following:

*Get corrs;
proc corr data=test outp=Corr;
    var v1-v4;
    with v:;

*Get Alphas;
ods output CronbachAlpha=Alpha;
proc corr data=test alpha nocorr;
    var v:;
ods output close;

*Merge and Format;
data out(drop=Variables Alpha);
    set Alpha Corr;
    if Variables^='' then do;
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I couldn't get it to work. I want 6000rows X 4cols table that has alpha values (and yes, cronbach alpha values are good.) The most critical issue here is the warning:<< WARNING: ALPHA option not allowed with WITH statement. >> Also, I would like this in a data format not a result viewer window.. –  Erica Jh Lee Feb 21 at 17:02
Sorry I didn't notice the with statement. The ALPHA option won't work with that...but I don't think you need it. For the cronbach alphas, is it the cronbach for all of the variables v1-v6000? So then it would be the same across all 4 variables you will have columns for (v1-v4)? –  ESmith5988 Feb 21 at 17:27
Yes, it's true but most of the data I do not need. and I tried it now and It says 'the SAS System stopped processing this step because of insufficient memory.' (It was going to be 6004 buy 6004 matrix.) –  Erica Jh Lee Feb 21 at 17:59
@EricaJhLee - try the above. –  ESmith5988 Feb 21 at 20:47
It still says Insufficient memory.. :(.. –  Erica Jh Lee Feb 21 at 22:26

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