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otherCount = @products.drop(3).inject(0) { |sum,count| sum, count }

My Ruby environment is 1.9.3.

products is an array of hashes elements. It has properties: productName and count. I want to sum up the count values of all the hashes in the products array (with the exception of the first 3 hashes). Documentation I've found are either too brief in their explanation or use a different Ruby environment, which may likely be the problem. The code I wrote is written as per this document.

I drop the first 3 elements, then call inject, with an initial value of 0, carry over variable called sum, and count is the name of the field in each of the hashes whose value I want to add up.

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Maybe you should set sum equal to sum plus the game of the hash you're interested in? –  Dave Newton Feb 20 '14 at 23:16

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inject(0) { |sum,count| sum, count }


inject(0) { |sum,p| sum + p['count'] }

Isolate the code

If you're having trouble integrating this, copy and paste these 2 lines into an irb session to verify this works:

a = [{'count' => 1},{'count' => 2},{'count' => 3}]
a.inject(0) { |sum,p| sum + p['count'] }
# => 6

Hopefully this helps bridge the gap.

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p['count'] works. p[:count] does not. But the error remains. –  baph0mt Feb 20 '14 at 23:33
@baph0mt What's the exact error message? (with line number info and any surrounding text) Also, did you change the , to a +? –  Matt Feb 20 '14 at 23:34

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