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How do I load photoshop's action using its javascript scripting language? Mostly curious in this action steps: Add Noise Distribution: gaussian Percent: 2% With Monochromatic Texturizer Texture Type: Canvas Scaling: 100 Relief: 3 Without Invert Texture Light Direction: Top Left

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I think you wish to apply two effects.
1)Noise Distribution

You should first select designated layer,before applying any effects.
You can achieve that by selecting by its name

layerRef = app.activeDocument.artLayers.getByName("Layer 1");

Then,you can apply the effect #1,by applyAddNoise method.This method requires thress parameters as follows:
amount (percentage)
NoiseDistribution (GAUSSIAN or UNIFORM)
Monochromatic (boolean -> true or false)


Unfortunately,I could not find any method or documentation that makes texturizer effect at present.

Hope this helps

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