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I've got two second order non-linear differential equations which I need to solve in order to model and plot the motion of a mass hanging on a spring which is swinging like a pendulum. They are here:

I'm using odeToVectorField to rewrite them as first order linear ODEs, then I call ode45 to solve the resulting system of equations. But when I plot the results, it gives me strange answers, like negative radius, etc.

Can anyone help me find where I've messed up my code? Thanks a lot!

My code is as follows:

global m R g B k %declare global variables to use them everywhere

m=1.0; %mass of ball [kg]
k=200; %  stiffness of the spring [N/m]
R=0.5; % unstretched length of the spring [m]
g=9.81; % acceleration due to the gravity [m/s^2]
B=0; % coefficient of air drag [kg/m]

syms r(t) f(t)
[V] = odeToVectorField(diff(r,2)== r*((diff(f,1))^2) + (g*cos(f))-(k*(r-R))-B*diff(r,1)*sqrt(diff(r,1)^2 +r^2*diff(f,1)^2),...
    diff(f,2)== ((g*sin(f)+2*diff(r,1)*diff(f,1))/-r)-B*diff(f,1)*sqrt(diff(r,1)^2 +r^2*diff(f,1)^2));

F = matlabFunction(V,'vars',{'t','Y'});

%define initial conditions:
r_0= R + (m*g*cos(theta_0))/k ;

t_start=0; %start time
t_step=.01; % time step
t_final=5; % final time

%Solve that system of ODEs from [V]
[t , X]=ode45(F, t_start:t_step:t_final , [r_0;r_dot_0;theta_0;theta_dot_0]); 

hold on
xlabel('t');ylabel('r dot','fontsize',12);
hold on

xlabel('t');ylabel('theta [rad]','fontsize',12);
hold on
xlabel('t');ylabel('theta dot [rad/s]','fontsize',12);
hold on
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I see that your odeToVectorField does not correspond to your system of odes. Can you check that? – ysakamoto Feb 21 '14 at 4:32
@ysakmoto Ah, yes you are correct. The system of ODEs in the image in my post is wrong, what is written in odeToVectorField is correct. I'll try to get a new image of the correct ODEs here in a minute. Thanks. – user114338 Feb 21 '14 at 5:29
One way to verify your answer is to put your solution back to your ode system and see if it works. – ysakamoto Feb 21 '14 at 5:46

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