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I am struggling over here .. lol Looking to know if facebook changed the api calls, permissions, etc.

We've been using the graph api to get users friend data and now we're getting friend errors. Went to look at the docs on the fb developer site and they're gone.

Thoughts ?

My calls is


until today it worked fine and now I get error:1 - api unknown error (what else is new)


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Your exact query successfully runs for me in the "Graph API Explorer" –  zerkms Feb 21 at 1:14
And the documentation is still there developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/user/friends –  zerkms Feb 21 at 1:19
Hey thanks ... they changed the information available on that page .. now we have to actually R&D lol –  Michael Self-Made Mar 1 at 0:47

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