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I have a username textbox on a form, that has a few validation rules applied to it via the DataAnnotation attributes:

[Required(ErrorMessage = "FTP login is required")]
[StringLength(15, ErrorMessage = "Must be 15 characters or fewer")]
[RegularExpression(@"[a-zA-Z0-9]*", ErrorMessage = "Alpha-numeric characters only")]
public string FtpLogin { get; set; }

I also have a button next to this text box, that fires off a jQuery ajax request that checks for the existence of the username as follows:

<button onclick="check(this);return false;" id="FtpLoginCheck" name="FtpLoginCheck">Available?</button>

I'm looking for a way of tieing the two together, so that the client-side validation is performed before the call to the "check(this)" in the onclick event.

Edit: To be more clear, I need a way to inspect or trigger the client-side validation result of the textbox, when I click the unrelated button beside it.

Edit: I now have the button JS checking for $("form").validate().invalid, but not displaying the usual validation messages. Almost there

Any ideas?

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What client side validation have you implemented? I suspect the answer may be "Doh!" –  Lazarus Feb 3 '10 at 13:59
The client side validation is successfully performed on the text box, but its success/failure has no impact on whether the button click continues or not. ie. an invalid text box value shows the validation message, but I need a way to tie this validation failure to the button (to disable it) –  mwjackson Feb 3 '10 at 14:05

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Ok so my solution is to manually trigger client-side validation during the button onclick event:

        var validator =  $("form").validate({
            submitHandler: function(form) { /* do nothing */ }
        if (validator.errorList.length > 0) return;
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How about:

$(function() {
    $("#FtpLoginCheck").live("click", function(e){ 
          var $this = $(this);

This will be fired after the asp.net MVC2 do the client validation.

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