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I am trying to install ImageUtils, I found the package but it doesn't have an installer with it. what is the procedure?

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on Windows? Did you download the source or the Python egg? –  jcoon Feb 3 '10 at 14:21
check this answer first... sounds like you just need the basics of installing a Python package: stackoverflow.com/questions/1471994/what-is-setup-py –  jcoon Feb 3 '10 at 14:32

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The general approach to installing Python packages is to use easy_install, or pip; the choice between the two tends to get political, so I will just say I use pip. pip plays well with virtualenv, which is a tool that makes it much nicer to explore arbitrary Python packages.

In your case, (assuming you have installed virtualenv and pip) I would probably do something like the following (assumes Unix-like environment; there should be a Windows equivalent, but I'm not current on what it might be):

  1. virtualenv iu-sandbox
  2. pip install -E iu-sandbox ImageUtils
  3. cd iu-sandbox
  4. source bin/activate
  5. Open the REPL and start exploring ImageUtils
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