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my textbox in editform

    edtSettings =>
        edtSettings.Name = "ID";
        edtSettings.ShowModelErrors = true;
        edtSettings.Width = Unit.Percentage(100);
        edtSettings.Height = Unit.Pixel(30);
    }).Bind(DataBinder.Eval(c.DataItem, "ID")).Render();

editform create event

settings.HtmlEditFormCreated = (sender, e) =>
        var s = sender as MVCxGridView;
        if (!s.IsNewRowEditing)
            ASPxTextBox txtID = ((ASPxTextBox)s.FindEditFormTemplateControl("ID"));
            if (txtID != null)
                txtID.ReadOnly = true;

txtID is null when i debug. How to find it?

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Why don't you contact DevExpress support directly? –  Mikhail Feb 21 at 7:15

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Why? Simply customize the "ID" TextBox directly within its "setting" object:

Html.DevExpress().TextBox(edtSettings => {
    edtSettings.Name = "ID";

}).Bind(DataBinder.Eval(c.DataItem, "ID")).Render();
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Does this option help? –  Mikhail Feb 24 at 6:44

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